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Monthly Occupancy Fee and Property Tax
Each resident pays a monthly occupancy fee and property tax based on the size of his/her Garden Home. The cost to maintain the grounds and to operate the Clubhouse is fairly apportioned to all residents. The monthly occupancy fee covers costs such as: all exterior cleaning and maintenance, common areas utilities (exterior lighting, lawn maintenance, snow ploughing, etc), management and administrative costs, insurance on the buildings and contributions to the replacement reserve fund for future replacement of capital items. Fees and taxes are payable monthly through automatic withdrawal from your bank account.

item Bungalow
(1,000 sq ft)
(1,400 sq ft)
Last Sold May 2019
$510,000 Nov. 2018 $520,000
Resident Costs
Taxes $187 $2,244 $223 $2,676
Maintenance Fees $408 $4,896 $565 $6,780
Hydro and Water $130 $1,560 $140 $1,680
Gas $80 $960 $80 $960
Water Heater Rental $15.21 $183 $15.21 $183
Total $820.21 $9,843 $1,023.21 $12,279

Maintenance Fees Cover
• Reserve fund accumulation
• Emergency furnace/air conditioning calls
• Landscape maintenance — grass cutting and edging
• Snow — ploughing, shoveling and removal when necessary and ice melt applications
• Inground sprinkler system
• Exterior window washing in spring and fall
• Service to furnace, air conditioner and humidistat in spring and fall
• Garage door lubrication — spring and fall
• Replacement of smoke alarm batteries spring and fall
• Fall cleaning of eaves troughs
• Weekly garbage and recycle removal from your door to the curb and return of recycle containers
• Cleaning of vinyl siding
• Cleaning of Clubhouse
• General maintenance to units that present safety issues and/or require interim maintenance

Costs Paid Directly by Resident
• Gas
• Electricity
• Water
• Telephone
• Cable
• Interior Maintenance: such as painting, appliance repairs, interior window cleaning, cleaning dryer vent, plumbing and electrical repairs, battery replacement for garage door opener and personally purchased alarm support devices
• Locksmith if you lock yourself out of your home
• Locksmith if you lose your mailbox key
• Dents in your garage door
• Replacement of storm/screen door
• Contents insurance on personal belongings

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